Mad Dog's Almost Solo Harmonica CD --> SO HIGH!

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A remastered release of Mad Dog's first psychedelic back porch blues CD:



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"Landing!!! It's as if E.T. plays the harmonica!!!! I dig your take on the instrument, seeking and speaking!!" -- Sugar Blue

"Mad Dog's traditional acoustic blues harmonica playing on his song 'Shining Through' is a delight to hear." -- Peter Madcat Ruth

Thirteen digitally remastered tracks from Mad Dog’s Harmonica: So Low, a newly recorded two harmonica arrangement of "Had A Little Woman" & Mad Dog’s country blues love song, "Shining Through," with the sterling guitar playing of Jeff “Felonius” Smith.

You now can watch and/or download FREE VIDEOS of Mad Dog performing SEVEN of his SO HIGH songs!  Also you will surely want to see the infamous Harmonica Blow Down from Mad Dog's 2006 Harmonica: So Low CD Release Party with six harmonica players on stage at once all making it up as they go along!



Song List & Lyrics:

The lyrics are in *.pdf format. (If you do not already have it on your system, you will need to download & install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these.)

1.  Every Morning

2.  Morning Thunder

INSTRUMENTAL: Suzuki Promaster Low F Harp with a Lee Oskar F Harp

3.  Pass My Hat

4.  Landing

INSTRUMENTAL: 4 Tracks of a Lee Oskar A-Flat Natural Minor Harp

5.  A Jam

INSTRUMENTAL: Hohner XB-40 Low D Harp with a Hohner Golden Melody D Harp

6.  White Lightening

7.  Shortening Bread & Jam

INSTRUMENTAL: Suzuki Promaster G Harp with an Suzuki Overdrive High G Harp

8.  Hear Me Crying

9.  Good Morning Blues

10. Well Babe

11. Grandma

12. Too Many Women Blues

13. Had A Little Woman

14. Harmonica Cadillac

15. Shining Through

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Featuring Jeff "Felonius" Smith on guitar.