Mad Dog's Solo CD -- Harmonica: So Low!

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Mad Dog's Solo CD -- Harmonica: So Low

"Landing!!! It's as if E.T. plays the harmonica!!!! I dig your take on the instrument, seeking and speaking!!" -- Sugar Blue

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Song List & Lyrics:

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1.  Every Morning

2.  Morning Thunder

INSTRUMENTAL: Suzuki Promaster Low F Harp with a Lee Oskar F Harp

3.  Pass My Hat

4.  Landing

INSTRUMENTAL: 4 Tracks of a Lee Oskar A-Flat Natural Minor Harp

5.  A Jam

INSTRUMENTAL: Hohner XB-40 Low D Harp with a Hohner Golden Melody D Harp

6.  White Lightening

7.  Shortening Bread & Jam

INSTRUMENTAL: Suzuki Promaster G Harp with an Suzuki Overdrive High G Harp

8.  Hear Me Crying

9.  Good Morning Blues

10. Well Babe

11. Grandma

12. Too Many Women Blues

13. Had A Little Woman

14. Harmonica Cadillac

Harmonica: So Low by Mad Dog

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I am really pleased with how this project came out. Songs range from ones that will make you cry to ones that will make you laugh. I pulled off some shit on harp I am not sure I could do again & some tricks on the production end that are best described as beautiful accidents. "Landing" is unique cut in that it uses harmonicas with electronic manipulation to produce a trance-like state in the listener while "White Lightening"is a pure acoustic back porch harmonica blues holler with an open your heart message.   The last track, "Harmonica Cadillac," is my favorite, at least to perform, and features the harmonica imitating the rhythm of an old cadillac sputtering down the highway.-- Mad Dog

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