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Mad Dog MusicEntertainment & Studio.

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Mad Dog's acoustic blues & jam band, the Mad Dog Blues Experience.)

photo by Jon Howe

Mad Dog writes from the moment and sings from his heart. Although mostly known for his amazing blues harmonica, he is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and song writer. He influences include sources as divergent as William Butler Yeats and the delta blues. He has been featured on numerous recordings on harmonica, vocals, spoken word, Theremin, Theremini, Native American flute and assorted percussion. His songwriting is sincere, simple and often humorous. His spontaneous musical compositions often involve experimental electronic sound sculpting using the Theremin. His music and poetry have been played on TV & radio stations around the world. He has recorded numerous solo projects as well as with the Mad Dog Blues Experience, the Astral Project, Papa Juke, Mojo Medicine Show, Dan Hertel (Verses The Inevitable), Alex Bernat, Kristin McLean, Jenn Cleary, Rex Peoples, Johnny Johnston, Felonius Smith, Chris Hammong, Shawn Wright, Yo Yo Ma and Derek Trucks.

The Harmonicas for Health Program

Click below to learn more about using the harmonica for better breathing.


Read more about the Harmonicas for Health program in this Longmont Times-Call article published August 3, 2106.


Check out the SoundOnPodcast Interview with Mad Dog Friedman of the Mad Dog Blues Experience:


Check out over 100 tracks of Mad Dog's Harmonica Music on Spotify at



"When the Flood Waters Came," a song of healing and hope.

by Papa Juke with Special Guests Rex Peoples, Felonious Smith & Scott Johnson

100 % of the proceeds from the sales of this song will be donated to support Boulder County musicians who suffered loses as the result of the 2013 Boulder County Flood. Donations will go to the Conscious Alliance, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, committed to supporting communities in crisis.

Thank you to all the extremely talented musicians who donated their time and talents to record this track and especially to Dan Barnhart & Arsenal Studios for supporting musicians helping musicians!

Listen to Greg Schultz's radio interview of Dan "Mojo Man" and Mad Dog Friedman on KGNU's Blues Legacy Show on 11/29/2013.


Mad Dog does country! You can now download Mad Dog's big country hit single, At the Bar Double L (Ass Squeezing Time) from CD Baby at cdbaby.com/cd/maddogfriedman2 or in iTunes at itunes.apple.com/us/album/at-bar-double-ass-squeezing/id594861201 for just $0.99!

    A full CD of experimental sound sculpture and poetry with Stephen Hartman! Stephen is pure genius and a true in the moment astral plane pirate. It is the first full length project featuring my aleatory Theremin work as well as some improvisational spoken word. Check it out next time you should not be driving but are still ready for a ride.

    MadDog & HeadMan's Walking on the Sky (2013)

    Available as a full CD Quality download for only $5 at maddogheadman.bandcamp.com!

  • 13 great new videos of classic Mad Dog performances are now available for free download.


Check out Mad Dog's online collaborations:
(from Indaba Music)
Mad Dog with Yo-Yo Ma doing "YO DOG"
Mad Dog with the Derek Trucks Band doing "Get What You Deserve"



Mad Dog digs the Shaker Mad Dog Harp Mic!

Mad Dog digs the Mad Dog.

Finally, a mic that both screams some nasty hot leads and still articulates crisp rhythms with a tone almost as full as an acoustic recording mic. For me the Mad Dog does it all while still giving me the comfort and unique, strong hand cupping effects of the famous Mad Cat mic.


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